Data is Life

We assist our clients in gathering high-quality data from a variety of carefully vetted sources. Specifically, we help companies design questionnaires, create online data collection surveys in many regions and markets, provide online data analysis and write customized research reports on demand.

Insight Publicis takes great pride in its ability to collect relevant and accurate qualitative and quantitative data that helps our clients (B2B and B2C companies) gather insights and make the best decisions for their business. Our strength lies in our skills and service—our dedicated account management team is always available to answer questions and sharpen the scope of our research, and our team of experienced researchers and insight miners produce swift and cost-effective results by tapping into our pool of vetted respondents.

We ensure data accuracy by deploying a multistep approach to quality control. Our quality control personnel review the data pre, during and post data collection to ensure the insights we deliver are accurate and actionable.

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