Own Your Journey: How Gulder Arrived at the Campaign Message
July 10, 2019

Own Your Journey: How Gulder Arrived at the Campaign Message

As the first brown bottle beer in Nigeria, Gulder was birthed from the thoughtful expansion of the beer category by Nigerian Breweries into producing a new and truly distinct beer brand. The idea was to introduce a unique lager that was bold, full of personality, and a symbol of success and excellence with particular attention paid to the crafting and brewing of the lager with all natural ingredients extra matured to give it a crisp distinctive taste. This made Gulder stand out among other beer brands in the country back in the 1970s.

Gulder man dressed as an easterner in the country with a bottle and tumbler of Gulder and the copy: Own Your Journey to Success.

Shortly after the launch of Gulder, a lot of copycat beer brands started popping up. As much as they tried, these copycats could not last the test of time, they could not keep up with the brand due to the attributes it possesses. It was the ultimate beer for the discerning man.

But, as the economy dived, reaching the point of aspiration for these men became hard, and the brand’s message no longer resonated with them.

In a bid to intensify marketing efforts and relevance to the TA, the brand reached out to its consumers through research studies. The feedback was clear from the consumers: in a country where you are acknowledged and considered successful by how rich you are, the pressure to be successful then becomes more pressing on our TA – without realizing that success in itself is a journey.

Gulder man on a tuxedo, with a bottle and tumbler of Gulder sitting on the table before him; and the campaign message: "Own Your Journey to Success".

As a result, an average Nigerian consumer doesn’t just want to be acknowledged only when he gets to the top, he wants the accolades while on his journey to his set destination. He wants to be acknowledged at every step of his journey to the top. Gulder took this key insight, leveraged it and developed a communication campaign in order to fit into the present truth (reality) of its target audience.

So, now, the Gulder man isn’t just that ultimate man who already has all the best things in life; he is one, who irrespective of his background, takes charge of his story, his dreams and aspirations and celebrates every milestone at every stage of his life – he owns his journey to success, and so should you. #OwnYourJourney