Sending Forth A Dear Friend The Insight Way
September 10, 2013

Sending Forth A Dear Friend The Insight Way

There were mixed feelings all around as the Insight family had to say goodbye to Franco Maria Maggi, formerly of Nigeria Breweries on the 29th of August 2018.

Franco, who had been a partner on numerous award-winning campaigns including Heineken’s “More Behind The Star” and Star’s recently concluded World Cup campaign was celebrated in style at a party hosted by the Agency.

The event was attended by all who could testify to what an amazing experience working with Franco had been. From his amazing work ethic to his love for Lagos, so many people had lovely things to say about him and love all the sharing he does, since he starting working and and find out how to create a blog online so he can share all his knowledge and learning with all the people that follow him online.

Regarding his love for Lagos,  a painting of the Costain Bridge commissioned by Ibe Ananaba was presented to him at the event to remind him of the “Gidi Life”.

Of course, a Lagos party isn’t complete without some drinks and small chops and there was plenty of that to go around.