Insight x UPG Toward A Greater Lagos
November 26, 2019

Insight x UPG Toward A Greater Lagos

Communication is power. But what happens when those who have the most to say cannot be heard?

This was the key issue Insight Publicis set out to combat when they partnered with UPG and the Lagos state government for Insight’s 2019 CSR project: UPG 2019, ‘Towards a Greater Lagos’ .

Community Conversation Phase
As a marketing and communications agency, Insight did not just handle all communication for the initiative pro bono, but also hosted the first phase of the project at their offices in GRA, Ikeja. The event which took place on the 12th of September, 2019 gathered everyday Lagosians to give their opinions on the issues affecting Lagos state, and the way forward for a ‘Greater Lagos’.

Expert Consultations Phase
After the ‘voice of the people’ was heard, a small selection of experts got to work.
They were tasked with exploring thematic areas discussed in the community conversations and contributing solutions in efforts to make the UPG 2019 theme a reality.

The Future of Lagos Through the Eyes of Nollywood
Held from the 20th – 22nd November, Insight Publicis MD and CEO: Dr. Tendai Mhizha, led a panel of some of the most influential individuals shaping Africa’s entertainment industry today.

The panel constituted of award-winning cinematographer James Amuta, renowned media mogul Fela Oke, fast-rising OAP Faith History and accomplished creative director; Tolu Ajayi, who all put heads together to explore ways of moving the second largest film industry in the world, forward.

Most would not have expected the Nollywood session of the UPG meeting to yield such thought-provoking and refreshingly positive take-outs, but that’s exactly what it did; as the panelists showed their deep insight in exhibiting how Nollywood (which holds just 2.3% of Nigeria’s GDP) can be instrumental in changing perception about Africa and boosting tourism in the country.

Fela Oke was notedly passionate about this topic; laying out how our young creative minds can revolutionize a market that is still, despite it’s mind blowing growth; ripe with potential. Tolu Ajayi also mirrored these sentiments and appealed for a more deliberate attempt at controlling our narrative  on the international stage through uplifting portrayals of our country and culture.

Faith History and James Amusa also placed focus on the ways in which the government and Industry can ensure a clear, fruitful path for those coming into the industry.

The panelists unveiled different sides of themselves which further demonstrated why they share multiple awards, groundbreaking productions and successful pan-African events among themselves.

At the end of the 3 day event, after the closing remarks were made, comments from  members of the audience were heard; with Insight Publicis Creative Director; Chuka Obi further re-iterating the importance of Lagos to all of Africa and reaffirming commitment to the ‘Greater Lagos’ Initiative.