Gulder Nigeria Unveils New Brand Direction
February 8, 2019

Gulder Nigeria Unveils New Brand Direction

We are excited to collaborate with Gulder Nigeria in unveiling the brand’s new direction: Own Your Journey To Success.

The average Nigerian is very ambitious and determined to succeed in his aspirations. However, the road to achieving success is becoming more difficult due to various social and economic factors.

This is why Gulder’s new brand essence aims to celebrate the consumer at every stage of their journey to success despite the pressures from society.

The celebration of success in a person’s life should not be restricted to the ‘Ultimate’ point. Considering the realities of the day, Gulder wants you to enjoy every milestone in your hustle story.

The brand will support Nigerians on their journey to success through in-bar activations across regions in the country. This promo is designed to provide support to the consumers on their journey by providing tools to facilitate their daily hustle.

This includes sponsoring fuel cards, free rides, airtime etc – providing practical ways to fuel the journey to success.