Brand Ambassadorship and Its Impact on a Brand: Teni Entertainer as a Case Study
July 22, 2019

Brand Ambassadorship and Its Impact on a Brand: Teni Entertainer as a Case Study

A brand ambassador is a person who is endorsed by an organization or company to represent the company or organization’s brand in a positive light and increase brand awareness and sales in doing so. An ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity of the brand in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics; this can also mean that the lifestyle of a brand ambassador should be in tune with the brand’s values and objectives. Part of the major roles of a brand ambassador is to influence a large audience to buy and consume the brand’s product and also to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the relationship of the brand (product) with the consumers or customers. Mostly, a brand ambassador is seen as a positive spokesperson, a community influencer, an opinion leader and sometimes a catalyst that is appointed as an internal or external agent to boost product or service sales and create brand awareness. 

Impact Of Brand Ambassadorship On Brands

The impact of a brand ambassador can be positive and negative. 

Negative Impact: A brand ambassador that doesn’t have a lifestyle that fits into the value and essence of a brand can bring about a backlash to the brand because of inauthentic connection between the brand and the ambassador. A lot of brands make mistakes by considering the volume of followership a celebrity has mostly, and fail to look at the other attributes the celebrity possess which can be a threat to the brand representation. 

Positive Impact: The positive impact of an ambassador on a brand is that a good representation can attract more fans that can be converted to consumers or customers for the brand. This works in the sense that, once an ambassador has an authentic connection with the brand, it is easy for the fans of that celebrity to love the brand and also become fans of the brand. Then this will have a ripple effect: gaining more fans will bring about more brand awareness and eventually convert to more sales.

Using Teni Entertainer As A Case Study

 In September 2017, Teni Apata, with the stage name, Teni Entertainer started gaining prominence after she released her single ‘Fargin’ as a newbie in the Dr Dolor Entertainment record label. Then she made her breakthrough after releasing the hit singles “Askamaya”, “Case” and “Uyo Meyo”. “Askamaya” was ranked 15th on MTV Base’s year-end list of the Top 20 Hottest Naija Tracks of 2018. Soon, her musical talent and music made her gain followership on social, and from there, people realised that there was more to her than her music, she had a down to earth personality also.

Possible Reasons Why Teni Would Be A Good Fit As A Brand Ambassador

Firstly, it is important to note that Teni might not be a good fit for every brand. Her personal and music style might not fit into every brand’s style. So, this means that before any brand can endorse her as an ambassador, they need to make sure her core attributes that makes her influential resonate with the brand essence and brand objectives.

What are Teni’s Core Brand Attributes

Teni is a brand right? So, as a brand, she has these attributes as her core.

  1. Her Musical Talent: Music has and always will affect the culture of the world, because it often comes as an expression of an idea, opinion, or emotion. Pop culture on the other hand includes thoughts, ideas, attitudes, perspectives and images preferred by the general mass of people at a particular period of time; It influences the interaction between people in everyday activities. And judging from the reaction of people towards Teni’s music, it is safe to say that it fits into the current pop culture of her present society.
  2. Her Storytelling Abilities: Storytelling is the art of giving shape and meaning to a piece of information that’s dull and boring. In media today, it’s one of the most powerful tools of persuasion, that is, to combine an idea with an emotion. Teni is a storyteller: her music, her presence online…she tells stories, and her fans and followers love that about her. Also, storytelling grabs people’s attention, which makes persuasion easier in marketing.
  3. She Connects With the Grassroots: People tend to trust others when there’s a form of connection and can see themselves in your story. Teni’s vulnerability and her not afraid of being herself has earned her a huge fan base in the grassroots – even though she’s like an “everybody’s person”. Her music, her style, her tone, they all connect with the street life.

Going with the above, it is very possible that brands like Pepsi, WEMA Bank, Budweiser and the rest that have endorsed Teni looked out for the above attributes before deciding to make her their brand ambassador. It is without doubt that Teni knows how to manage her personal brand well, corporate brands saw this, they became pleased and endorsed her; the future is looking bright already for her as a brand ambassador. 


In recruiting brand ambassadors, brands need to look out for these criteria in the celebrity or individual:

Do this person and his/her management know how marketing works? If not the depth, the individual should be able to know the basics of marketing. This is very important because that is the sole purpose of having a brand ambassador.

  • Does this person have a strong online presence and personality? If the person doesn’t have a strong online personality, it might not work because social media is a very important tool and channel for marketing and advertising in this time and age – and it won’t stop being that.
  • Does this person’s online presence and personality portray your brand values and essence? You can be a fitness brand and endorse a comedian that is solely known for comedy to be your brand ambassador…except he is also a fitness junkie. Also, a brand that values etiquette cannot endorse someone known to be extremely ratchet and savage just because they have a large following.
  • Is this person a catalyst and not just an influencer? A catalyst is a person that precipitates an event or change: this person’s talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic. Basically, this person causes an action to happen; this is more than what an influencer does.

Ultimately, it is important that the personality and attributes of individuals are in tune with a brand’s essence when they want to endorse ambassadors. Brands shouldn’t just look for fame and followership when endorsing celebrities, they should also look out for the brand in the individual.